In Other News…

2015 wrapped up long ago. 64 days ago to be exact. Many things have changed for me personally and yogically (I’m just going to create that word right now). I was given the amazing opportunity to participate in the Trauma Sensitive Yoga workshop hosted at SKY in January and will be attending Yoga Behind Bars at the end of March. These trainings speak right into the heart of why I wanted to teach yoga and encourage me to do some real work on yoga brand, culture, and intentions. Even as I write this post, I kind of wish I had a different word than “yoga” as it carries so much history that most don’t know, understand, or acknowledge or baggage that the western world has saddled it with (and just flat out appropriated). To that tune, I am spending my time in the non yoga world doing a lot of learning, relearning, and deep processing as well. I have been attending mind-altering trainings surrounding harm reduction and violence prevention and having meaningful conversations about bias checking, body use, entitlement, survival, and how often I step in and out of my privilege. This work is important to me not only as a teacher but as a human who strives to make compassion and empathy a more common occurrence. Here are a couple of things that are lending themselves to this work right now:


and this too:

Enjoy and be excellent to one another.



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